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Gearing up for Breaking Down the Walls 2018
Ethen Southerland participates in an activity during last year's Breaking Down the Walls. Yearbook staff photo.
Students work together as they play a game during the 2018 Breaking Down the Walls. Photo by Saleena Mann.

Breaking Down the Walls for 2018 was a very interesting thing to do, so much so that I will be doing it again this year. If you don’t know what Breaking Down the Walls is, it is spending a whole day with your peers, learning things about them and talking with them. This was a judgement-free zone so that everyone could talk and show what they have been through or are currently going through. In regards to life experiences, heartbreak, or anything personal. Many people did this, some loved it and some didn’t. People and their peers had a lot to say about this event.

One person was FHS junior Ethen Southerland.

“It was okay, I met new people when we were in groups and learned more about people I already knew and how they have experienced life so far,” said Southerland.

Breaking Down the Walls really opened people’s eyes to everything, by showing what people go through, that they don’t talk about, or if they don’t have a place or anyone to talk to about it.

One thing that I noticed was that some of my peers don’t really talk about what they have been through, or even what they’re going through. The fear that they will be judged or even looked at differently because of what they go through. That has always been a fear of mine.

Last year when I was more honest about what I had been through and what I was going through was hard for me. This was hard for me because I don’t really like talking about what I’ve been through. I’m always the person to be there for other people to talk to but I don’t like talking to people about the stuff going on in my life. I know I’m not the only person that had a hard time meeting new people, then telling them everything you have been through that shapes you to be who you are. Some people don’t even talk to friends about that kind of stuff or they don’t have a friend they can talk to about it.

2019 Breaking Down the Walls is coming soon, I know myself that I’m going to be doing it again. The experience that I had was definitely a good one, it helps get things off my chest that I can’t always talk about. I can’t wait to see what happens this year.

If you want to do Breaking Down the Walls, go to your counselor and asked to be signed up. Breaking Down the Walls 2019 will start September 30th and will be all that week.



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