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2020 Foothill yearbook to be completed

While most events and plans for the school year have been axed, there is a plan to finish the yearbook.

The yearbook staff at Foothill High School plans to complete a memorable yearbook for 2020. Archive photo by Chris Gulick.

2020, a start to a new decade, new opportunities and positive vibes. This is not the reality of the situation. Following the new year, the world began to change in a major way; COVID-19 began its carnage. Cities, schools, countries began to shut down one by one, until there was almost nothing open to the public. Many began to work from home, including students; yet the seniors of high schools and colleges have been robbed. COVID-19 had taken away their last possible memories of their educational experiences. Many, if not all, seniors will not have a prom or a senior trip.

Then there’s the yearbook. How important is having a yearbook, really?

“My senior yearbook was a visual reminder and vehicle to take a trip down memory lane,” said Exur DeMayo, staff member and teacher of science at Foothill High School. “It helped me to reminisce about the people I met, our friendships, and the bonds we formed. I could stir up feelings of happiness that wouldn’t have been there if I wasn’t paging through it.”

While the decision to cancel most senior activities cannot be changed, seniors and parents came together as one and decided that a yearbook would bring some positivity to the spirit of Foothill and its graduating seniors.

“We all worked hard enough to get where we are, and those pages will bring back memories to those who were a part of our crazy journey,” says Raul Saucedo, a senior at FHS. Many other seniors share this same viewpoint.

“The yearbook holds a lot of sentimental value to me because it is a way to look back at memories from the time we did have in our senior year, even if it was cut short,” voiced Osvaldo Arias, also a senior.

“I know for a fact that the seniors this year will really appreciate having a little normalcy in their senior year as everything else was canceled,” said senior Olek Noga, when asked about how seniors will feel about the completion of the 2020 yearbook.

Students who still wish to have a lasting memory of their high school experience can still have an opportunity to do so by contacting Jeannette Lara, a Foothill High School staff member responsible for handling the school’s student body funds. You may know her as the one running the school store. Her email is jeannette.lara@twinriversusd.org.

In just a few days, over 100 positive email responses were received in favor of having a yearbook, regardless of the situation. Yearbook advisor Steve Dommer polled FHS students and parents via School Loop email to ask the question: Do you want a yearbook?

“A couple weeks ago, the FHS faculty was having a staff meeting on Zoom,” said Dommer. “Someone brought up giving refunds to those who bought a yearbook. I thought that was a premature conclusion. I’m willing to help coordinate the editors’ efforts if they’re willing to work to finish it. We’ll see what happens.”

Current yearbook students will coordinate efforts with Dommer and one another to complete the yearbook with the highest of standards to make the 2020 yearbook one to remember for decades to come. Currently there is no known date for completion of the yearbook. Much will depend on the cooperation and work of the yearbook staff.



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