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All Headlines    
Overdue books hurt library and students JAN 16 REPORT
Blood drive brings out the best in donors JAN 14 REPORT
Students panic over changed Wi-Fi password NOV 19 REPORT
Teams deal with injuries all season long NOV 14 REPORT
Hard work pays off for football team OCT 29 REPORT
Nice to meet you, Mr. Mayor OCT 9 COMMENTARY
Bookkeeping software makes life easier OCT 8 REPORT
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge accepted at FHS SEP 3 VIDEO
Foothill High School needs an auditorium JAN 10 COLUMN
Clark named Classified Employee of the Year JAN 6 VIDEO
Life with braces isn't so bad DEC 17 COLUMN
Choir performs at the Downtown Plaza DEC 13 VIDEO
Without Conclusion in concert NOV 30 VIDEO
Behind the scenes at Rallies NOV 20 VIDEO
Street hockey teaches lessons in PE NOV 15 VIDEO
FHS passes fire drill inspection OCT 30 VIDEO
Goalkeeping Skills by Pedro Garcia OCT 2 VIDEO
Back to School night captured on video SEP 30 VIDEO
Coach looking to improve football program SEP 26 REPORT
Cross country season underway SEP 24 ROUNDUP
New teachers welcomed at FHS - Aston SEP 10 SERIES
Congresswoman Matsui visits FHS SEP 6 NEWS
New teachers welcomed at FHS - Bowen SEP 3 SERIES


Preseason preview: Football football AUG 30 REPORT
New teachers welcomed at FHS - Graham AUG 26 SERIES
Senior Sunrise brings students together AUG 22 REPORT
Leadership kicks off year with Spirit Week AUG 20 REPORT
MAY 2013
Millan leads team in scoring and to playoffs MAY 4 FEATURE
Tell me all your Secrets MAY 3 COLUMN
APRIL 2013
Excitement is in the air for prom APR 3 ADVANCE
MARCH 2013
Two great deals: Book fair, Prom discount MAR 7 COLUMN
District librarians may be laid off MAR 5 COLUMN
Senior trip planned for the campground MAR 1 COLUMN
Apps, apps, too many apps FEB 28 COLUMN
Dance celebrates Black History Month FEB 27 COLUMN
It's never too early to prepare for Prom FEB 26 COLUMN
Reunion party held for senior AP students FEB 18 REPORT
Seniors share college app experiences FEB 17 COLUMN
Novel Book Club plays "Flat Stanley" game FEB 16 REPORT
Students thank AP Calculus teacher FEB 15 REPORT
Music program thriving at FHS FEB 14 VIDEO
Celebrate Valentine's Day, even alone FEB 7 COLUMN
Teacher-librarian rides bike to and from FHS FEB 5 VIDEO
Teens need to make healthy choices FEB 5 COLUMN
First try is a charm on the CAHSEE JAN 31 COLUMN
AASA is hosting a potluck dinner JAN 31 REPORT
Cash for College set for January, February JAN 30 COLUMN
Anonymous plays at The Boardwalk JAN 29 VIDEO
Students and staff believe in music programs JAN 29 REPORT
Depression can leave its toll on teenagers JAN 24 COLUMN
Comic Book Club forming at FHS JAN 23 REPORT
Key Club serves at Kiwanis Club's crab feed JAN 23 REPORT
Reporters should know their boundaries JAN 22 COLUMN
ETS opens doors to future possibilities JAN 18 COLUMN
Flu season is officially here; Library news JAN 17 COLUMN
Ideas for things to do over Thanksgiving NOV 8 COLUMN
PAWNS 02 Self Election NOV 5 COMIC STRIP
PAWNS 01 And so the story begins... OCT 29 COMIC STRIP
Senior honored in last home matches OCT 25 ROUNDUP
Increase your knowledge with tutoring OCT 25 COLUMN
Annual blood drive draws a lot OCT 25 VIDEO
Time to think about caps and gowns OCT 18 REPORT
Coaching change for varsity football team OCT 12 REPORT
Step onto the library web page ... Int'l Week OCT 11 COLUMN
Another shutout for soccer team OCT 10 ROUNDUP
Get dressed for Homecoming ... Scholarships OCT 4 COLUMN
German Club does Oktoberfest in style OCT 2 COLUMN
Soccer ears shutout; Football wins first OCT 1 ROUNDUP
A pint of prevention is worth a pound of cure SEP 27 COLUMN
Don't be afraid to give blood SEP 25 COLUMN
Sports Roundup is back for fall SEP 24 ROUNDUP
Keep those bathrooms clean SEP 21 COMMENTARY
Photos of the Week ending Sep 16, 2012 SEP 20 VIDEO
Foothill names Welborn interim principal SEP 20 REPORT
Get involved with FHS clubs; Rally a success SEP 20 COLUMN
Photos of the Week ending Sep 9, 2012 SEP 15 VIDEO
Book fair promotes reading, benefits club SEP 12 REPORT
Photos of the Week ending Sep 2, 2012 SEP 9 VIDEO
Photos of the Week ending Aug 26, 2012 SEP 3 VIDEO
Photos of the Week ending Aug 19, 2012 AUG 26 VIDEO
JULY 2012
Hurricane simulator blows you away JULY 31 VIDEO
MAY 2012
Smart students love SMART Boards v47n03 COLUMN
Slack named Teacher of the Year v47n03 REPORT
Blood drives worth the effort to save lives v47n03 REPORT
Hey, don't be a bully v47n03 COLUMN
Letters to fhspress.com v47n03 LETTERS
It's not easy to start over v47n03 COMMENTARY
Q&A: Choosing a college v47n03 Q&A
More than meets the eye in Foothill library v47n03 REPORT
Test scores affect college course schedules v47n03 REPORT
The fhspress.com Guide to Graduation v47n03 REPORT
Are you being safe? v47n03 COLUMN
(Texting Death) While driving... v47n03 REPORT
Those shoes are made for walkin' v47n03 REPORT
Athletic funding is spread all around v47n03 COLUMN
Mustangs meet new football coach v47n03 REPORT
Spring Sports Roundup v47n03 REPORT
WASC 102: Where Are We Now? v47n03 REPORT
MARCH 2012
What's in a name? v47n02 COLUMN
Be safe over the break-use buddy system v47n02 REPORT
Editorial cartoon v47n02 ED. CARTOON
Letters to fhspress.com v47n02 LETTERS
Students want back Auto Shop elective v47n02 COMMENTARY
Take pride in your school v47n02 COLUMN
Compromise for open campus, better food v47n02 COMMENTARY
Open campus encourages freedom v47n02 COMMENTARY
Q&A: What would you change at FHS? v47n02 Q&A
Respect books and school budget for learning v47n02 COMMENTARY
Closer to God club members share fellowship v47n02 REPORT
Get help for Senioritis v47n02 HUMOR
Got Cinnamon? v47n02 COLUMN
Jumping for joy... v47n02 REPORT
The fhspress.com Guide to Prom v47n02 REPORT
Girls finish with a winning season v47n02 REPORT
Life is like a box of chocolates v47n02 COLUMN
Mustangs make their mark v47n02 REPORT
One-on-one with coach Drew Hibbs v47n02 REPORT
Two Minutes with LAWRE'LL DOBBINS v47n02 SPOTLIGHT
Donations to help send Lowman to Virginia v47n02 REPORT
Field of Dreams v47n02 REPORT
Lowman makes history in state wrestling v47n02 REPORT
WASC 101: A Definition v47n02 REPORT
Yearbook to be in English, Spanish, Russian v47n02 REPORT
Boys Basketball holds it down FEB 20 ROUNDUP
College credits aim of FHS ROP courses v47n01 REPORT
A uniform idea for Foothill v47n01 COLUMN
Allowing students to leave campus v47n01 REPORT
Control stress by taking the right steps v47n01 COMMENTARY
Letters to fhspress.com v47n01 LETTERS
Q&A: Appropriate time for electronics v47n01 Q&A
Have cameras, will travel v47n01 REPORT
Senior shirts available from Leadership v47n01 REPORT
Teacher Feature: Mrs. Creig Wilson v47n01 REPORT
The fhspress.com Guide to Valentine's Day v47n01 REPORT
Gone fishin' v47n01 REPORT
Have you considered your future? v47n01 COLUMN
Tenth-graders prepare for the CAHSEE v47n01 REPORT
Mustang Cheer take third place at Oakmont v47n01 REPORT
Not using protection a mystery v47n01 COLUMN
Some sports more equal than others v47n01 REPORT
Two Minutes with MICHAEL BRYSON v47n01 SPOTLIGHT
Expectations laid out for class of 2012 v47n01 REPORT
Yearbook to be like no other v47n01 REPORT
Boys hoops on a roll; girls hoops, wrestling JAN 18 ROUNDUP
FHS band goes caroling around campus DEC 16 VIDEO
Michael Bryson signs college scholarship DEC 16 REPORT
Holiday gift-giving guide DEC 15 REPORT
Christmas wishes for FHS 2011 DEC 13 VIDEO
Vandals spray graffiti on admin building NOV 20 REPORT
Fall sports ending, winter starting NOV 10 ROUNDUP
Foothill club helps to raise money NOV 10 REPORT
Fall sports coming to a close NOV 2 ROUNDUP
One-on-One with FHS Principal Williams OCT 28 VIDEO
Football ready for the Homecoming game OCT 21 COLUMN
Dance contracts still in effect OCT 20 REPORT
Students dress up for Spirit Week OCT 20 REPORT
Practice games for water polo SEP 29 ROUNDUP
The teams that mean the most to us SEP 29 COLUMN
Sports mean more to some Foothill athletes SEP 26 COLUMN
Q&A: Favorite summer activity SEP 21 Q&A
Football off to a great start SEP 14 ROUNDUP
New staff meets Foothill High SEP 13 REPORT
Keeping hydrated helps athletes SEP 8 COLUMN
Enrollement causes some turmoil SEP 8 REPORT
Penalties always a factor in a game SEP 8 COLUMN
Textbooks still piled in the library SEP 7 REPORT
Electronic policy not followed by all SEP 7 COLUMN
Injuries prove problematic already SEP 1 COLUMN
Fall sports starts off with a win AUG 30 ROUNDUP
Important info to start the year off right AUG 25 COLUMN
Good first impressions at her first FHS rally AUG 23 COMMENTARY
Back to School Rally gets students pumped AUG 19 REPORT
Fantastic start to the new school year AUG 15 REPORT
JULY 2011
Best bang for your buck: Fireworks JULY 3 REPORT



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