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Clubs Digest EXPANDED

Send clubs information to clubs@fhspress.com.

President: Nyesha Johnson Blewett
Advisors: Mr. Mugambee, Ms. Thompson
Meets every Wednesday in room N5 during lunch.
Notes: AASA (African American Student Alliance) expresses and celebrates different
cultures, and welcomes people of every heritage. It instills pride and helps develop active leaders, promotes academic excellence, and teaches respect and love for all mankind. This program took and active part in the International Week celebration. Events of the year include poetry nights, the Black Student Union conference at UC Davis, black history month celebration, and a Kwanzaa celebration. There's also a black family weekend which celebrates families and unity in the African American community.

President: Chris Murray
Advisors: Ms. Mendoza
Meets every Wednesday in room C8 during lunch.
Notes: AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual
Determination. AVID is made up of students from diverse backgrounds who all have a common goal of future success in college. AVID students strive for excellence in their rigorous course, as well as, in community activities and extra curricular sports and clubs.

President: Veronica Basco
Advisors: Mr. Yeroshek
Meets on scheduled Fridays
Notes: Asian Club exposes the members to Asian culture, languages, and nationalities. One way that was done was with Asian Day during International Week. This year, they sold Vietnamese sandwiches, a popular food in the Asian culture. They performed "Be My Baby" by the Wonder Girls, danced to "Gangnam Style" by Psy, and two singers performed "We Could Happen" by Aj Rafael. Currently, they are planning to have a potluck lunch for the members and a fundraiser for the Cherry Blossom festival in Japantown in San Francisco.

President: Sierra Donahue
Advisors: Ms. Ligamari
Meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month during lunch in the library.
Notes: The Book Club is all about traveling on magical journeys through novels. In Book Club, book lovers read books from all types of categories and genres. They get together, pick a book, and discuss it after reading it. It's interesting to experience different people's preferences for reading. The members read one book every month. They had a book fair in September, and are planning a school-wide book exchange, and an author visit.

Vice President: Ms. Nancy Dexter
Meets in the library once a month
Notes: Booster Club is a non-profit organization comprised of dedicated family members of students, and FHS teachers and staff, whose main objective is to raise funds to help support Foothill High School organizations, sports and clubs. The mission of the Booster Club is to provide opportunities for the students of Foothill High School. The Club has paid for A/P (college) testing, provided funds for art projects for the state fair, bought athletic supplies, and paid for spirit buses to playoff games. They often sell FHS merchandise at sporting events like basketball games, and sell food at the snack bar.

President: Cory Lastra
Advisors: Mr. Garrett
Meets every Friday in room C4 during lunch.
Notes: Christian Club wants to share the love of Jesus, and provide a place for people to connect and talk about their faith with each other. They pray, worship, and study the Bible during meetings. It's nice that the advisor provides them with pizza or some other scrumptious food at meetings. They're loosely connected with UFC (United for Christ), with whom they do community type activities. They're going to help out a family for Christmas, with gift cards and other things.

President: Valeriya Sinko
Advisors: Mr. Dommer, Ms. Davis, Ms. Bloemker, Ms. Mendoza
Meets every other Tuesday in room C8 during lunch.
Notes: CLIC (Careers in Leadership and Industry Club) gives students the ability to learn and exercise their leadership abilities by contributing to the community. It is a unique club, in which the students are given the opportunity to explore different industries, such as health care, child care, digital imaging, and culinary arts. It is not only a club that strengthens leadership qualities, but allows students to socialize and have a fun time helping their community. This year, CLIC sponsored a successful health fair, and will be going to the Exploratorium in San Francisco in January.

President: Yekaterina Velichko
Advisors: Ms. Barrett, Ms. Boyd
Meets every Monday in room F3 during lunch.
Notes: CSF (California Scholarship Federation)
is a club where you can participate in school and outreach community service programs. One example includes handing out tootsie rolls to customers in front of grocery stores and asking them for donations. This is the "Knights of Columbus," and it offers aids to needy families. CSF did a coat drive through December 14 for the News 10 Crafts for Kids Drive. The club is planning to carol at a senior home around the end of December. In this club, students can become eligible for prestigious scholarships, such as the $2,500 Seymour Scholarship. "Scholarship
for service" is the motto.

President: Natalya Karpenko
Advisors: Ms. Dutra, Mrs. McGarr, Ms. Thornwood
Meets every Tuesday after school in room C12, unless otherwise specified on the door.
Notes: Drama Club enhances acting skills. Interactive games help to break the tension of speaking aloud in front of people. The members are currently working on a play called "Piggies," which is lighthearted, simple and fun. This type of play can make it easier for the young actors and actresses to transition into harder plays they're planning to perform later on in the year. They're also planning to perform a play for Valentine's Day.

Program advisor: Mr. Mugambee
Pulls in students out of class, or they come in after school to his office
Notes: ETS (Educational Talent Search) is your best buddy in high school and your backbone during college application time. It provides fee waivers for tests such as the SAT and ACT, free workshops to help develop key skills for these exams, and help with personal statements and college applications. The ever-inspiring Taili Mugambee, Educational Talent Search Counselor from UC Davis, believes in every single person's potential, and addresses the needs of everyone who walks through his door. His office is a favorite hot spot for students, where they can make their dreams a reality, find methods to improve their grades, and even discuss and plan their career goals.

President: Cristina Castaneda
Advisors: Ms. Daniels
Meets every Tuesday in room S12 during lunch.
Notes: Gay-Straight Alliance celebrates diversity and promotes education. It provides an atmosphere of acceptance for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Upcoming December 15 is a youth empowerment activity in San Francisco, a LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual) Pride parade.

President: Zak Hentzy
Advisors: Frau Freeman
Meets every third Tuesday in room S19 at 7:10 a.m
Notes: German Club has tons of parties and lots of fun. Every two years, they hop aboard an exciting journey to some of the most talked about places in Europe. Other field trips include a San Francisco field trip and a trip to Great America. They call themselves one big family, as they have very close bonds to each other, which gives them a positive sense of belonging. During International Week, they held an Oktoberfest, which celebrated the German
tradition, and showed off the club's spirit.

President: Yvonne Vergara
Advisors: Ms. Rupley
Meets every Thursday in room C13 during lunch.
Notes: Key Club teaches and spreads these core values through community service: caring, character-building, inclusiveness, and leadership. This club is a home to leaders who have the desire to see change in their community and school. Throughout December, they have decorated Christmas trees at the Kiwanis Family House. They also packaged food for Kids Against Hunger and caroled at retirement homes. They will be organizing a Campus Clean Up after returning from winter break.

President: Aileen Chhen
Advisors: Ms. Bare
Meets every other Thursday in room S16 after school.
Notes: MESA stands for Mathematics Engineering Science
Achievement. MESA has provided an opportunity for students to discover their strengths and further explore their career interests through STEM based (science, technology, engineering, and math) competitions. By competing with students from schools throughout Northern California, MESA students are able to challenge themselves, and in this way, reach their full academic potential. The best part about MESA is the competition experience. Students work and learn together from the beginning of preparation to the final competition day. Whether they record a victory or loss, the overall experience is truly a reward in itself.

President: Cristal Martinez & Gerardo Gonzalez
Advisors: Ms. Olmedo
Meets every other Tuesday in room S10 during lunch.
Notes: Spanish Club enriches knowledge and awareness of the Latino culture on campus. It's where this community gets together, and everyone else is more than welcome to join. This club happily celebrated International Week, and fundraised with chocolate sales. They will be having a Christmas party celebration on December 12, and will go to Six Flags around the end of April/ May.

President: Jacob Freas
Advisors: Mr. Mongerson
Meets every other Friday afterschool in the Big Gym.
Notes: Triatholon Club is an interactive club in which students bike, swim, and run in preparation for triathlon events. The students are given the opportunity to challenge their bodies while incorporating different aspects of fitness.


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