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Photo montage of Harriet Tubman
Photo montage of Harriet Tubman by Rickie Como.
Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman was born in March of 1821. She was a savior to thousands of people. She was a part of the Underground Railroad.

The Underground Railroad was an act to help slaves get out of the south, to get away from slavery, make them a free person and so they can decide their own future. They can get their own jobs and raise a family under their own roof, be a free American and make their own livings. Harriet Tubman made it possible for thousands of African American slaves to be free and have their own life.

She lived in New York growing up. Her house was very full; she had eight siblings and her two parents so she had eleven people living in one house. But once she moved out, she started helping people go from slave to free. How this would work was she had a house close to the border of the south and the north. Then she would sneak out at night and find either family friends or family. Then, she would sneak them back to her house. Then those people would either be in secret cabinets, closets, or even the attic. If the police came to check there would be nothing to find. She did this for many years.

It was very planned out and very hard to master. She only made nine trips throughout her life and saved over 180 people in those trips. She died at a very old age. She lived a long happy life. she died at the age of 91. Her cause of death was pneumonia and she had many nicknames she went by like Minty and Moses. She only had one husband and after he died she never remarried. She was a much respected elder.



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